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Autumn is here, and we’re thrilled to bring you the latest updates and exciting news from the world of OOH. Grab a coffee, sit back, and let’s dive in!



📌 Product Spotlight:

  • MOTOCUEVAS A revolution in outdoor advertising! Our state-of-the-art Motorcycle Taxi Shelters not only serve as a shelter for motorcycle taxis but also offer prime advertising space. With each Motocueva featuring 3 lightboxes, showcasing up to 5 rotating posters each, your brand gets the visibility it deserves. Remember, one lightbox means five opportunities to wow your audience!



📍New Locations Alert!

The Dominican Republic is buzzing with our new MOTOCUEVAS installations. This month, we unveiled:



…and guess what? AVE. SAN VICENTE DE PAÚL Y VENEZUELA #006 is coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled.



🔍 Dive into Santo Domingo Este:

Did you know Santo Domingo Este is one of the most populous municipalities in the Dominican Republic? Located beside the stunning Caribbean Sea, it’s a hub of growth, development, and transportation. Our Motoconchos are strategically placed for maximum visibility in this bustling locale!



📊 Market Insights:

With a whopping 2.9 million people, Santo Domingo stands as a prime market for outdoor advertising. As the Dominican Republic sees economic growth and an increase in tourism, the time to make your brand shine is NOW.



🛵 Embracing Motoconchos:

Motorcycle taxis, or “motoconchos”, are the lifeblood of urban transportation in the Dominican Republic. Their strategic stops offer an unbeatable advertising opportunity. And with efforts to formalize and regulate the sector, the future is bright for motoconchos and advertisers alike.



💬 From Our Community:

I was impressed with the clarity and quality of advertisements on the MOTOCUEVAS. It caught my attention instantly!”

— Maria, Local Resident



Closing Note:

The OOH journey is all about innovation, visibility, and connecting with the community. We’re grateful for your continued support, and we promise to keep elevating your advertising experience. Stay tuned for more updates!



Happy Riding and Advertising!




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