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Our primary product is a Motorcycle Taxi Shelter (called ‘MOTOCUEVAS’). We designed this shelter for maximum visibility and accessibility within the busiest areas of the city.

As motorcycle taxis attract passengers from the surrounding area, your advertising campaign will remain visible to motorcycle taxi drivers, pedestrians, and all surrounding traffic.


Market Coverage

Dominican Republic

  • Population: Approximately 10.8 million (2021 data).
  • Urban Residency: 73% of Dominicans reside in cities, spotlighting urban zones as advertising goldmines.
  • Santo Domingo: The capital, home to nearly 2.9 million people, remains our main hub.
  • Economic Landscape: A promising growth rate of approximately 7% in GDP during 2021.
  • Tourism: Pre-pandemic figures show over 6.5 million tourists in 2020, indicating a significant audience apart from the locals.
  • Infrastructure Endeavors: Investments in infrastructure, including transit and public spaces, unveil more possibilities for outdoor promotions.
  • Our Vision: Expand beyond Santo Domingo to reach every Dominican, symbolizing our dedication to national growth.
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Santo Domingo Este

  • Population: The 2nd most populated municipality in the Dominican Republic.
  • Geographical Note: Positioned east of the Ozama River, touching the Caribbean shores. An integral part of the Greater Santo Domingo metropolitan zone.
  • Connectivity: Easily accessible via an extensive highway network.
  • Urbanization: Recent years have seen remarkable growth, with sprawling residential sectors, commercial hubs, and infrastructural projects.

Motorcycle Taxi Industry

  • Motoconchos: The Dominican term for motorcycle taxis. An indispensable mode in urban transit – fast and economical.
  • Strategic Placement: Moto-taxi hubs are nestled in busy areas like markets, transport junctions, or business districts, ensuring your ads capture maximum attention.
  • Visibility: With moto-taxis always in demand, your adverts will consistently engage both riders and pedestrians.
  • Elevating Industry Standards: Intrant is spearheading efforts to standardize and enhance the moto-taxi sector, focusing on safety, improved regulations, and proper identification for authorized vehicles.
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