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Aseovisión is an OOH advertising company dedicated to enhancing urban environments through a dual mission of cleanliness and visual rejuvenation.


Aseovisión’s mission is to provide advertising services to businesses and enhance the local community via the development of public services and infrastructure.

Why OOH?

Outdoor advertising is not just about visibility; it’s about influence. 

Unforgettable Influence

According to a November 2022 poll of 1,461 adults conducted by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and Morning Consult, 88% of respondents notice OOH ads, and nearly 80% of them are inspired to take action.

Engaging Consumers

A recent survey by OAAA and Morning Consult revealed that 78% of consumers have interacted with an OOH ad in the past 60 days.

Cultural Relevance

Survey responses highlighted the importance of culturally relevant OOH ads. Nearly six in ten Black, Asian, and Hispanic American consumers expressed a greater likelihood of noticing OOH ads that reflected their cultural identity, compared to approximately one in four white adults.

Driving Traffic

Among adults who recently noticed OOH ads providing directions to a store or business, 43% visited the establishment within 30 minutes, and an impressive 78% of those visitors made a purchase.

Rising Investment

OOH advertising spending has been on the ascent, with third-quarter 2022 figures showing an 11% increase in advertising revenue compared to the previous year, totaling $1.94 billion, according to OAAA research.

Leading Brands

like Apple, McDonald’s, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Paramount+, American Express, T-Mobile, Panera, and Dunkin have recognized the potential of OOH advertising, making it one of the most influential marketing channels today.

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